How To

Every Oregon Troupe automatically has an account! However, you must request access your account to post your items.  This page below will help you through that process!

The Purpose Of This Site:  Oregon Thespians ShowStop was created to help Thespian Troupes in the state of Oregon get in contact with each other!  Community really is what theatre is all about, but isn’t it awesome to have one big tech forum to really rely on each other like one big happy family?!?  Yes it might be way easier to just go order a cheap set piece off of ebay or craigslist, or maybe even just put an online buying option right here, but with technology growing and developing every day, wouldn’t it be nice to make a (almost) human interaction?  We think so! Now, go forth and TRADE!!!

Getting Your Account Going:  If your troupe does not already have access to ShowStop, no need to worry! Simply have your director email; .  Really, it’s that simple! Anna will give the email used access to publish item posts for your troupe.  Your troupe director will then go in and created a wordpress account with the link provided in the returning email.  (wordpress is used to power this website)  Once your account is all set up and you have been added as an author, your troupe is free to begin uploading your items! (See “How To Upload An Item” for further instructions)

How To Upload An Item: Oregon Thespians ShowStop works basically like a blog.  Each account has the ability to “post” a set piece, costume, or prop with an attached image similar to a social media post. 

Once a picture is selected, use the options listed on the right hand side of the screen to place  your item into specific categories.  Your category options are: Your Troupe, whether the item is Available or Unavailable, and if the item is a Set Piece, Costume, or Prop.

Another way to describe your post is with Tags. Tags would be used for the “nitty gritty” stuff.  Examples would be: Specific Shows, Color of the item, Purpose. etc.

Don’t forget to put the location OF YOUR SCHOOL for each post! this will help with algorithms and contacting troupes

How To Initiate A Trade With Another Troupe: Find an item you are interested in and look under it’s category.  (The school should be listed as a category) then search this school on the accounts page.  The page will have the main forms of contact for that school for you both to connect!

Who To Contact With Questions:  Anna Williamson (STO) 

An Example Page: Crook County High School is the troupe of Anna Williamson and is a good example of how posts should look!